Our Process

Our specific process defines a path for creative collaboration.

1. Contact Us

Call us and set up an appointment so we can meet you, measure and review the site (if applicable), and discuss your project and ideas.

2. Render Design

We will render sample drawings with design and material sizes of what the project will entail. We will work with you to finalize the design.

3. Develop Quote

Once the final design is confirmed, we will develop a true quotation, and if necessary, price out options that would fit in your price range.

4. Accept Deposit

We require a 1/3 deposit with a signed agreement of quotation to proceed. Then we will discuss the timeline for getting work completed.

5. Order Materials

We do carry some materials in stock but typically materials need to be special ordered. We begin fabricating those pieces as soon as they arrive.

6. Fabrication & Installation

When the fabrication is done, we will call you to schedule an installation date and then complete the installation onsite.

Let's Create.

Our process is collaborative; we will do our best to achieve your artistic vision while offering our experience, insights, and professional suggestions in the design and fabrication process.